Debunking STA-BIL Myths

STA-BIL has been in the fuel stabiliser business for many decades, and over the journey we have heard all the myths and tall stories relating to our products. From the comical to the downright untrue, in this article we will debunk some of the myths.


Myth 1 – STA-BIL contains alcohol

All STA-BIL products contain proprietary ingredients and although we can’t share the complete list, we can certainly confirm that alcohol is not included. STA-BIL stabilisers contain a powerful mixture of additives and chemicals that neutralize acids, prevent gasoline from oxidizing and coat metal surfaces to prevent corrosion.

Every product in the STA-BIL range performs a different function. Each one is specifically formulated to treat a specific type of fuel, from pure gasoline to ethanol blends and every type of engine, from cars to motorcycles and even generators.

Myth 2 – STA-BIL products don’t work with ethanol-blended gasoline
STA-BIL products will work with all types of fuel, including methanol blends such as E-10 and E-85. Ethanol is an alcohol which will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which is a concern with equipment that tends to sit between uses such as boats and lawnmowers. STA-BIL products are manufactured in the mid-western area of the United States where ethanol-blended gasoline has been used for nearly three decades. STA-BIL has been manufactured with ethanol-blended gasoline in mind.

Myth 3 – All STA-BIL products are the same, just different colours
Each product that STA-BIL manufactures is done so to prevent a unique set of issues. Fuel Stabiliser will keep your fuel fresh for up to 24 months, ethanol treatment protects against ethanol damage, whilst our marine formula helps engines perform in the harsh conditions boats are prone to facing. These areas require vastly different products, all of which have a unique formula.

Myth 4 – STA-BIL branded products are just kerosene
This is the official answer to this particular query, direct from Mike Profetto, STA-BIL’s Chief Chemist and V.P. of Product Engineering:

“STA-BIL brand additives use a highly-purified petroleum distillate to deliver our additive package to the fuel. This solvent allows the additives to quickly blend completely into the fuel. The additives themselves would be too concentrated to blend easily, especially in cold weather. Use of more flammable solvents like gasoline would make shipping and storage too dangerous. The addition of the recommended dose of STA-BIL product to fuel has always been safe. Dozens of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have confirmed this by testing and recommending our products.”

Myth 5 – STA-BIL branded products gunk up carburetors
If you are using a STA-BIL branded product for the first time in an old, dirty fuel system, there is a chance that dirt and grim may be washed off walls and into the fuel system. This issue may result in carburetors becoming clogged. If you plan on adding a STA-BIL branded product to your fuel system, we recommend running a high quality fuel system cleaner through at least one tank of fuel before you store your vehicle equipment as this will remove anything that may lead to a clogged carburetor.