If you store, start with STA-BIL

Degraded petrol is significantly less combustible than fresh fuel and is often the cause of engines that are hard starting and have poor performance. Leave it sitting for long enough and it's likely the engine won't start at all.


Modern petrol can start to deteriorate in as little as 30 days.

STA-BIL® fuel stabiliser, when added to fresh fuel, protects it against degradation and also stops the formation of gum and varnish deposits that can block fuel delivery components such as carburettor jets, injectors and filters.

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STA-BIL Fact - What makes fuel 'go stale'?

Petrol is made up of many organic compounds. Reactions between these compounds and molecules in the air (oxidisation) or within the fuel mixture itself, lead to fuel 'going off' resulting in the formation of residues or varnish like films that can be harmful to engines and fuel delivery systems - resulting in difficult starting and reduced engine performance.

STA-BIL is very easy to use. Simply fill the tank to 95% capacity then add 30ml of STA-BIL® for every 9.5 litres of petrol directly to the fuel tank. We recommend you run the engine for 5 minutes to ensure the STA-BIL treated fuel is all the way through the fuel system.

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