Keeps Diesel Fuel fresh up to 12 months

Diesel formula STA-BIL Fuel stabiliser keeps diesel fresh whether you're storing diesel in a tank or drum, parking farm equipment until the next harvest or putting the boat to bed for the winter.


STA-BIL will prevent the formation of sediment and sludge, and the growth of bacteria in all diesel fuels – including Ultra Low Sulphur and Bio Diesels, which are particularly prone to oxidisation and algae/fungal contamination.

One dose of STA-BIL added to the tank or drum will keep diesel fuel fresh for up to twelve months. Start right, first time, every time when stored with diesel STA-BIL.

Recommended dosage rates:

For everyday protection and performance:

  • 30ml for every 38 litres of diesel.
  • 126:1 dilution ratio.

For seasonal storage and fuel system clean up:

  • 30ml for every 19 litres of diesel.
  • 63:1 dilution ratio.

If it runs on diesel look after it with STA-BIL.

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