The Benefits of Diesel Fuel

Diesel powered cars have surged in popularity over the last decade as manufacturers have found ways to make clean, quiet and powerful diesel engines a viable option for the average punter.


No longer are the days when diesel was confined to a big and heavy truck, with cars like the Volkswagen Golf TDi range and Ford Focus now achieving remarkable fuel efficiency numbers. There are a number of benefits to diesel fuel, and here we will take a deeper look.

Diesel powered engines get great fuel economy when compared to petrol powered engines as diesel contains more energy per litre than petrol, being the primary reason for its increased efficiency levels. Whilst the process in which the diesel is burned is also a contributing factor, diesel engines use heat created from their high compression levels to ignite fuel compared to the sparks that ignite the air fuel mixtures in regular petrol-powered internal combustion engines. The process used in diesel engines results in fuel efficiency being improved by approximately 20%, so not only will driving a diesel powered car save you money, it is likely to produce less carbon dioxide in the long term.

A key benefit to diesel engines is the increased torque outputs achieved compared to petrol powered engines. The higher torque reading results in a greater towing capacity as well as greater overtaking capabilities. Trains, trucks, ships and tractors were known as early adopters of diesel technology and reaped the benefits of impressive torque figures, with these vehicles being able to perform better under heavy load for longer periods of time.

Once upon a time, it was not uncommon to associate diesel with dirty and noisy trucks. Despite the fact that diesel engines are still typically slightly louder than petrol powered engines, they have definitely become quieter and cleaner over the years. When owning a diesel powered car, you are unlikely to notice any significant difference in cleanliness.

It is important to also consider the maintenance procedures of a diesel, including the addition of a product such as STA-BIL’s Diesel Fuel Stabilizer to help combat your diesel fuel going stale during periods of storage. Fuel stabilizer will ensure you diesel powered car remains easy to start throughout its lifetime.

When you’re out shopping for your next car, be sure to consider diesel as a viable option regardless of vehicle application.