STA-BIL® Blade Guard

Part #: 22503 | 355ml

STA-BIL® Blade Guard 

  • Maintains Blade Edge and Performance
  • Cleans and Lubricates
  • Plant Friendly
  • Works on Gas and Electric Equipment
  • Prevents Rust
  • Can Be Used On Saws, Clippers, Hedge Trimmers, Shears, and More!

After repeated use, blades eventually wear down. Keep them protected with STA-BIL Blade Guard, a premium lubricant that cleans and safeguards cutting tools like Hedge Trimmers, Pruners, Brush Cutters, Shears, Axes, and more! The Bio-Based formula used in STA-BIL Blade Guard is not only designed to improve the effectiveness of your equipment but ensures the safety of your plants. Whereas similar lubricants are designed with harsh chemicals that can cause browning on a plant’s edges, STA-BIL Blade Guard is completely safe when exposed to hedges, trees, or any other greenery in your yard. Keep this easy-to-use product handy so your blades stay sharp, rust-free, and lubricated the next time yard duty calls.


First, use a brush to remove heavy debris that may be present on your equipment. Once the blade is free of heavy contaminants, apply a generous amount of STA-BIL Blade Guard to the surface and side of the blade. Run for a few seconds to spread the liquid. You are now ready to go.

Does the product dry clear?
This product will leave a wet layer on the blade surface.

How do I know when it is time to reapply?
When you no longer see the red liquid on your blade, or can see there is no longer any lubricant that is a good time to reapply.

How long does it hold up?
This depends on the usage and conditions of each individual user. There is no harm in over-lubricating.

Can I apply too much product?
If applying a heavy amount, you may get some runoff, but will not harm the surface.