STA-BIL® Diesel Formula

Part #: 27237 | 236mL - Treats 157 Litres (Storage)
Part #: 22254 | 946mL - Treats 1200 Litres (Everyday Use)
Part #: 22255 | 3785mL - Treats 4500 Litres (Everyday Use)

STA-BIL® Diesel Formula

  • Cleans and lubricates fuel injectors to improve performance
  • Prevents sludge and sediment formation
  • Helps remove water that microbes and algae require for growth
  • Reduces oxidation of diesel fuel caused by thermal breakdown
  • Safe for ALL diesel fuels, and ALL diesel engines, including agricultural and marine
  • Keeps fresh fuel fresh for 24 months
  • Use at every fill up

For great performance and protection... YEAR ROUND!

Diesel formula STA-BIL fuel stabiliser keeps diesel fresh for up to 24 months. Whether you're storing diesel in a tank or drum, 'parking' farm equipment until the next harvest or putting the boat to bed for the winter, STA-BIL will prevent the formation of sediment and sludge, and the growth of bacteria in all diesel fuels - including Ultra Low Sulphur and Bio diesels, which are particularly prone to oxidisation and algae/fungal contamination.

Even in a regularly used vehicle or engine, untreated diesel will begin to degrade in as little as one week. Thermally stressed diesel - returned to the tank via the common rail - breaks down very quickly and can contaminate the fuel load, causing starting problems, poor engine performance and reduced fuel economy. Adding STA-BIL at each fill up will protect against fuel breakdown and clean and lubricate the entire fuel system as you drive.

Dosage recommendations

For everyday protection & performance:

  • 30ml for every 38 litres of diesel
  • 126:1 dilution ratio

For seasonal storage & fuel system clean up:

  • 30ml for every 19 litres of diesel
  • 63:1 dilution ratio
USA label shown in video

Can I use Regular Formula STA-BIL® in Diesel?
Diesel fuel systems and gasoline systems are designed differently, and require different additives. In addition, regulations issued by the EPA over the last few years have resulted in diesel fuel reformulations (to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels), creating a need for more specialised diesel specific additives. In 2010, we created a special Diesel Formula STA-BIL, designed specifically to address problems related to the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels and new diesel engine technologies, including thermal oxidation (heating of fuel), sludge and sediment formation, corrosion, and lubricity issues. It also helps remove water from the fuel. Using Regular STA-BIL in Diesel will not harm the diesel system in anyway, but will not be effective.

Why Should I use Diesel Formula STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer?
In 2006, the EPA in the USA mandated the reformulation of diesel fuels, reducing sulfur content to less than 15 ppm. These new reformulated diesel fuels, called Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Bio-Diesel, are less stable than diesel fuels of the past. The reduction in sulfur also means less lubrication to protect the diesel engine from wear, leading to more breakdowns and major engine problems. Diesel Formula STA-BIL® is specially formulated to help prevent sludge and sediment formation and the darkening of diesel fuel. Diesel STA-BIL contains high levels of detergents and lubricity agents, and when used regularly, helps remove these sediments as well as any fuel system deposits that may have already formed, in addition to lubricating critical fuel system components to keep your diesel engine running like new.

Does Diesel Formula STA-BIL® also help remove water?
Diesel Formula STA-BIL® helps remove water from the diesel fuel, eliminating the environment in which fungi and algae require to grow in. Diesel STA-BIL® demulsifies water (breaks the water into small droplets) dropping it to the bottom of the fuel tank, where the fuel/water separator removes the water from the fuel, allowing fuel to move safely through the fuel system. By removing the water before the fuel flows through the fuel system, Diesel Formula STA-BIL® also helps protect against corrosion.

When should I use Diesel Formula STA-BIL®?
We recommend using Diesel Formula STA-BIL® at every fill up to protect your fuel system year-round from corrosion, sludge and sediment formation, and moisture. This product should also be used during storage to keep the diesel fuel fresh. For use in every tank, add 30ml for every 38 litres (126:1 ratio). For storage, use 30ml for every 21 litres (63:1 ratio)