STA-BIL® Fuel Stabiliser

Part #: 27222 | 118mL - Treats 38 Litres
Part #: 27223 | 236mL - Treats 76 Litres
Part #: 27228 | 473mL - Treats 150 Litres

STA-BIL® Storage

  • Keeps fresh fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after storage
  • Removes water from fuel to help prevent fuel separation
  • Protects the entire fuel system against gum, varnish, rust and corrosion
  • Contains powerful cleaning agents to remove gum and varnish build up
  • Eliminates the need to drain fuel tanks before or after storage
  • Use for storage and intermittent use

For great performance and protection... YEAR ROUND!

Whether you own a classic car, a boat, motorcycle, jet ski, mower, chain saw, line trimmer, or anything else that runs on petrol, if it is used infrequently the fuel in the tank will go stale. Petrol begins to deteriorate after little more than a month. As a general rule, the higher the RON (octane) rating of the fuel, the shorter its storage life will be. Running stale fuel through your engine can result in difficult starting and reduced performance at best, and at worst you could be looking at a very expensive repair bill.

Treating your fuel with STA-BIL keeps it fresh for up to 12 months and stops the formation of gum and varnish deposits within the fuel system. It contains corrosion prevention additives to fight against the damaging effects of Ethanol in fuel and also cleans fuel system components such as fuel injectors and carburetors.

Dosage recommendations

For seasonal storage, or when the fuel is likely to sit idle for more than 1-2 months but less than 12 months:

  • 30ml for every 9.5 litres of fresh fuel

For longer storage periods e.g. 12 - 24 months:

  • 60ml for every 9.5 litres of fresh fuel

For best results always store vehicles and equipment with a full tank of fuel rather than a near empty tank. Always run the engine for up to 5 minutes after adding STA-BIL® to ensure the entire fuel system is treated and not just the fuel stored in the fuel tank.

What causes fuel to go stale?
Petrol is a mixture of many components with different properties that contribute to the performance of the fuel. When petrol is left out in an open container, or exposed to the air through normal fuel tank ventilation, it will in time completely evaporate. As it evaporates the composition and properties change because different components evaporate at different rates. This is a normal feature of petrol and the same process takes place in equipment fuel tanks.

How does STA-BIL® protect against deterioration?
STA-BIL® is a blend of scientific additives which act together to prevent fuel from degrading and oxidising during prolonged storage. STA-BIL® acts as a protective wrapper around the fuel molecules so they cannot combine with oxygen or other contaminates to corrupt the fuel. STA-BIL® ensures that all of the components that make up the fuel evaporate at the same rate so that there is little or no alteration to the composition over time.

Can I add STA-BIL® to old fuel to revitalise it?
No, once the fuel has deteriorated due to the evaporation of key ingredients it cannot be revived effectively. STA-BIL® is a preventative product to stop this happening and save you from the problems that are associated with stale fuel.

Can I use regular STA-BIL® in my diesel powered equipment?
Regular (red label) STA-BIL® is designed for use in petrol engines only. There is a diesel specific version (green label) available exclusively for diesel engines.

What happens if I get the dosage wrong?
Under dosing will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
Over dosing – There are no negative physical effects from using higher than the recommended dosage of STA-BIL®.

Is it better to store my vehicle or equipment with full or empty tanks?
When storing any petrol powered machine or even fuel stored in fuel cans or drums it is always beneficial to store it full rather than empty. The most significant catalyst for fuel going stale is evaporation. Evaporation is caused by air, and the more fuel there is present in the tank or vessel the less room there is for air which will cause the fuel present to go stale sooner than it would if the tank is full. This is true whether the fuel has been treated with STA-BIL® or not.

Many people believe that simply starting and running the engine every few weeks will be sufficient to keep it in good running condition, is this true?
It is partly true ... running the engine every few weeks will lubricate oil seals and keep the battery charged but it will do nothing to prevent the fuel in the tank from going stale. This is why it is important to treat the fuel in infrequently used vehicles and equipment with STA-BIL® as it will prolong the life of the fuel significantly ensuring quick easy starts next time you want to use it.